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Let us turn your boating around!


Simple And Effective.

Small but mighty.

Watch how effective the DockStar Smart Thruster actually is.


The motors, batteries, radio, control electronics, and mounting rail are all integrated into one compact unit.  The only interface to the boat is the mechanical mounting using a T-track mounted on a stainless tube.

That means installation is easy enough to do it yourself.

DockStar offers a variety of T-track installation kits that provide everything needed to install a Smart Thruster onto your boat.

Smart Thruster (Bow or Stern):      $2,495

Standard Installation Assemblies: $295 - $449

(Custom Assemblies are Available)

This video shows how easy it is to retract the DockStar Smart Thruster by simply pulling in the lanyard. The Smart Thruster is deployed by letting the lanyard back out.

In this video, we show one method for mounting a Smart Thruster to the stern of a boat.  This example demonstrates how easy the Smart Thruster is to install and to use.

Anchor 1
DockStar Overview

This 7 minute video gives a good overview of what the DockStar Smart Thruster is all about.

The DockStar Smart Thruster overcomes the affordability obstacle created by most thrusters.  It is inexpensive to buy and to install.  Adding just one Smart Thruster to your boat considerably helps with maneuverability.  Impressive maneuverability can be had by adding both a bow and a stern thruster.  When you consider the costs of installation, DockStar's Smart Thruster is by far the most affordable way to add thrusters to your boat.

If you are interested in installing a Smart Thruster on your boat, please contact us at  We do not take online orders without first discussing the installation approach with each customer.  Once an approach has been determined, we will then gladly accept your order.  Our goal is to assist the boat owner to achieve an easy to install thruster that will enhance the safety and enjoyment of their boating.


Contact us at to discuss your boat.

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