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The self-powered, wireless DockStar Smart Thruster is ideal for pontoon boats! The twin 400-watt motors provide ample thrust to control your boat even in stiff winds.


The mount structural components are made of marine-grade stainless steel. This is the best available stainless for marine applications.

The mount consists of a Schaefer Marine T-track secured to a polished stainless tube. The T-track is anodized aluminum and is commonly used on ocean sailboats.

The main mounting base is secured to the top of your deck using four 1/4" bolts. The two braces are mounted using three 10-32 screws each. Large 2" fender washers are used as backing on the underside of the deck. All hardware is marine-grade stainless and is supplied by DockStar.


Installing the thruster mount on your deck can be done by one person in less than an hour.  You just need to drill the holes and secure the bolts. The thruster can be mounted to the stern or the bow (or both) to just about any pontoon boat.

The thruster is controlled by a wireless transmitter and is powered by its own internal batteries. As a result, there is no wiring to the boat. The DockStar Smart Thruster is completely self-contained.

Once the mount is installed, the thruster can be slid onto the T-track. The thruster is deployed by paying out the lanyard until the thruster hits the track stop. To retract the thruster, simply pull up on the lanyard and secure it to one of the cleats.


The video below gives a short overview of how the Smart Thruster is installed and used on a pontoon boat:


The DockStar thruster is a simple concept and the device is made of quality marine materials.  These attributes ensure trouble free-operation with minimal maintenance.  The pontoon boat thruster kit includes the Stainless T-track assembly and all hardware required to mounting the T-track assembly to your deck.  It also includes the thruster, the handheld remote, and battery charger. 


There is nothing else to buy and no expensive installation costs.  Most owners will install it themselves in less than an hour. Please contact us at for further information.

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