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“The best-laid schemes of mice and men Go oft awry,” – Burns

Apologies to Steinbeck, and Happy Birthday to one of our team members…these two things are not related…

There were plans, timelines, ideas, and enthusiasm; then they met the two-headed enemy called “reality and conflicting actions” and so, had to change. We make the changes, dance a new step, learn what we can, remember mistakes, and forge ahead along a new path. With new plans, timelines, ideas, and enthusiasm, we keep our options open, grow, and make “magic” happen.

I had planned to write a lot more before the second day of the New Year.

“Que Sera, Sera”, thank you Doris Day and team.

During this fairly slow season we have made good progress in creating a store of parts/materials, as well as shoring up our relationships with reliable suppliers. Back-office wise, we’ve made big improvements that are absolutely required of any small business. Thanks to Business Impact NW, SCORE, and the Kingston Chamber of Commerce as amazing and probably underutilized resources for small businesses.

On the “customer facing” side of things, we’re working with another local business, Fingers Duke to help update our over-all look, create better user guides, and introduce a new mascot for DockStar Thrusters. Slowly we are learning more and more about marketing, advertising, and getting the word out about us, our Smart Thruster, and what we can do for people. Engineering, functional design, mechanics, spreadsheets, programming, producing a product, and manufacturing are all well and good, but useless if nobody knows about it. In this way, to us, marketing sometimes feels like a “dark art” and foreign concepts, but we’re learning. Lastly, right now we have two prototype accessories that are “in the wild” for testing and feedback, another that should be shipped out later this week, and another the week after. None of these prototypes are “revolutionary” changes, but small additions to either protect your Smart Thruster, store your Smart Thruster, or carry it. Other prototypes, updates, and changes are subject to the title of this post. Lastly, we’re building ahead many Thrusters and standard mounting assemblies to help cut down the time it has taken us to build, test, and ready for shipping after an order is placed.

Very Respectfully,


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