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Smart Thruster

Smart Thruster

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The DockStar Smart Thruster creates a powerful aid for maneuvering your boat while docking and in tight quarters.  It is deployed and retracted along a T-track system cusom built to meet your needs.  Containing its own batteries and wirelessly controlled means wiring is required, and installation can be done without hauling your boat from the water.


DockStar offers a variety of installation kits for mounting the Smart Thruster to the bow or stern of nearly any boat.


If you are interested in installing a Smart Thruster on your boat, please contact us here.  We do not take online orders without first discussing the installation due to the custom nature.  Once a plan has been determined, then we will gladly accept your order.  Our goal is to assist you with an easy-to-install Thruster system enhancing safety and the enjoyment of your boat.


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